We all live in the European Union with a common border and currency. You can always find some Euro coins from Germany, France, Italy and other EU countries in your wallet. We just used not to pay attention to this diversity!

In 2013 we came up with the idea to create a single product combining the geographical map and the coin collection album. After brainstorming for a while, we decided to create an album for collecting Euro coins from different countries of the Eurozone. This is how the “Euro coins geography” project was born.

The main aim of our project is to show people that regardless we are all different here in the EU we are together. It is the Euro currency that represents the very bright example of it as one coin side for all EU countries is the same symbolizing our unity, while the other side reflects the national identity of each EU member. Our project helps to see these relations in a physical way, by collecting Euro coins and learning more about our EU neighbors. Not for nothing the motto of our album project is “Collect coins – study Europe!”

Product Description.

“Euro coins geography” is an educational and informative gift both for you and your children. With the help of this bright and beautiful album you’ll learn the EU countries geography and your children will  start to think about the value of money and get use to make savings.

The album is extremely easy and interesting to use:

  • Find a 1 Euro coin
  • Look into the unique EU country coin side
  • Find the coin country of origin and place it into the appropriate section in the album!

You can also find information of the population and national flag of one or another EU country. The album cover presents the picture with the description of the national images for 1 Euro coin of different countries.

Please note that only 1 Euro coins can be placed into the album. That makes the process of creation first coins collection easier for children. J

The album has a A4 size hard cover and gloss lamination on all sides. Age limit 4+.

100% money-back guarantee (within 2 weeks)